Creative brewers,
brewing for creatives.

Braw is beer for creative people. The Braw project is not just about brewing great craft beers, the experience doesn’t stop with an empty bottle.
The bottle itself will be an object of inspiration and study.
We are collaborating with the best creatives in the world to design artworks for labels for our beers. You will taste our beer and collect the artworks, downloading it from our website also in a psd or vector format to see how they did it.

During the last 20 months we have been working at Braw to set up everything and we did several experiments to define all the recipes of our beers.

Now we need your support to make our dream come true. We want to brew beer for creatives, that helps them in every step of their workflow and study.

The Team


CEO | Graphic Designer

Master in graphic design and photography at ILAS of Naples. He has been working as art director since 2013 and now he’s freelancing.

He collaborated with Creative Pro Show in recording some video tutorials for their youtube channel. He has been teaching photography and post production since 2012. In 2014 he had the Braw idea in which he’s totally and insanely into.



He has been working as video maker since 2010. For the first three years he has been working for a private tv and a news show. Now he’s freelancing since 2013, specialised in direction of photography, he has collaborated with CreativeProShow recording some video tutorials for its youtube channel.

Three years ago he started home brewing and he completely fell in love with that, causing an high level of blood alcohol content in his friends. In May 2014 he heard about Leo’s idea of Braw for the first time and since then they have been working together on the project. In 2015 he graduated at CERB in brewing techniques.


Brand Designer | Art Director

Italian designer based in London. Since January 2014 he began his career as a teacher of visual communication. Teaching supports the freelance activities at his studio One Design. Specializing in branding, corporate identity and packaging. His aim is always to create works that combines concepts with strong functional and solid executions.

In 2013 he won the Cread Portfolio Awards, his works have been published in several online galleries and inspirational books. He’s one of the most appreciated profiles on Behance.



Carlo Iengo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi University. Passionate about enterpreunership, Carlo has worked as Chief Operating Officer for PVCompare Network where he has been in charge of planning strategy, industry analysis, market research and recruiting. Moreover, he worked as intern at Felicitas Global Pte Ltd, a consulting company based in Singapore focused on business development.

Beer lover, he has followed the Braw project from scracht taking care of the financial and business planning.

Our Dream

We dream big, and we need your help to reach our goals and dream bigger.
Our dream is to set up our own brewery, and open several BrawBar around the globe to offer you a co-working and networking space. You will go to the BrawBar to work, to drink our beers and to get inspired by the labels, to study how the creatives did them and to speak with other creatives, make collaborations and start exciting projects. The more funds we get, the more BrawBars we will be able to open.

There is no better situation and a better place to start new projects. We will have beers, artworks and creatives all in one space: the BrawBar.

Our partners